Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Marketing Plan

It is common that the average person uses the computer on a daily basis and often times, this is for social networking. If your business is needing a pick up, it is time for you to give your best shot at social media marketing. The following article will help get your business where you want it to be.

You should always link all of the sites together. Add links to social media sites on your blog, your website, and any social media profile that you own. Add your blog address and Facebook link to your Twitter account. If you link each type of social media you use, your customer audience will grow exponentially.

YouTube can be incorporated into your business to attract more visitors. Visitors will see your videos and have a better idea about what your business is all about. The more visitors who come to your site with knowledge of your products will help increase sales.

Your website should include relevant social networking widgets. The ideal way to glean followers is by placing widgets onto your site. Also, having a widget on the site allows your readers to vote or retweet your content, rather than having a stranger do it on another site.

To make customers want your social media marketing, run exclusive specials that can only be had by following you on social media sites. If they’re noticing deals that they can’t get elsewhere on their page, they will pay a lot more attention to your social media marketing. This leads to them telling their friends, which costs you nothing.

With the very vast amount of people that use social media pages, you could give your business the boost that it needs through social media marketing. Take the knowledge that you have obtained from this article and then implement your ads. Stay positive throughout the process and work your hardest.

The low flight prices

Low-cost companies are willing to sacrifice their profit for the bigger market share                                                           

Since the beginning of this year, the ticket prices in the large low-cost companies in Europe have fallen by 10%. If you have traveled in the last year, surely you’ve noticed. Companies such as Ryanair, Wizz air and EasyJet are in an unending war for territory. For the moment the winner is the Irish Ryanair, which transports about 120 million passengers a year, and the goal is to 2024 their number to get double. Everything looks great if you are a consumer – market economy operates, and competition is murderous, leading to ever-lower prices and better service.

Difficulties in the sector, however, not less. Nobody knows exactly how long it will last period of low prices and whether this strategy will ever work. Or whether Europe will not say goodbye to part of the airlines because of the insufficient largest market.

More, more, more…

For the moment the strategy of large companies in Europe can be attributed to a maxim – “More, more, more.” Prices are even lower, to carry more passengers and growth rates are even higher. This strategy does not seem stable, although so far to run. The Irish carrier Ryanair, which is far ahead of all others in the sector in the number of passengers, announced this year plans until 2024, providing the company transporting at that time 180 million passengers per year. Even before completed 2016, however, the goals have been changed to 200 million passengers per year, which would mean each year the airline to add at least 10 million new passengers. For the moment, this forecast seems realistic – in the past two years, Ryanair grows to about 20 million passengers per year – growth that other companies may reach only a percentage but not in real terms in the number of passengers.

If in 2010, Ryanair has carried just over 72 million passengers in 2015 their number was 101 million, and this year is expected to be about 120 million. Most probably for six years, Ryanair will double the number of passengers and quietly (as far as can be peaceful the situation in this sector) will move to the next, even greater purpose.The group from Dublin is far ahead of all others in Europe and expands constantly, not only the number of serviced clients but also destinations. Worldwide, it ranks second behind the US carrier Southwest Airlines, which has served nearly 145 million passengers in 2015. It is possible that Ryanair would surpass even the US company if indeed meet its ambitious plans.

For comparison, another very familiar company of Bulgarian customers – Hungarian Wizzair – has more than tripled the number of passengers transported by her between 2010 and 2015 to nearly 20 million passengers. The growth, it seems, will continue to be impressive after only until October this year the company has surpassed the number of 19 million. And in each month of the second half of the year adds at least another 2 million passengers to account. Despite strong growth, however, Wizz difficult will get to the scale of Ryanair.

Wizz air recently announced it is launching flights from Sofia to Varna, thus became a direct competitor of Bulgarian monopoly in this area Bulgaria Air. Varna Airport is gaining a strong lead in the number of flights per year and is becoming a desirable destination for many tourists. The city has a key position especially during the summer and the airport transport Varna is well developed.

How to Choose New Smartphone

How to Choose New Smartphone

Then do some sector study and see if your favorite smartphone is surviving the current market or not. You can pick from a range of voices that are available at no cost! In fact, There are hundreds of high-end smartphones that can be found on the marketplace.

You may pick a new snap, opt for one from existing photos, or even pick a Facebook picture. With both of these storms having finally met, the entire smartphone landscape probably will be redefined. Add a multitude of filters simulating motion blurring, smartphone-590107_640adjusted lighting, etc., along with the camera should satisfy the needs of the majority of smartphone photographers. Here are some reasons why you might be more fortunate avoiding the most recent model once you choose your next smartphone.

A lot of the new smartphones have features which are not particularly essential for the normal user. A smartphone without an online access isn’t too far better than a non-smartphone. They are normally cheaper, and really don’t perform half the functions a full-fledged smartphone can. For a simple configuration, it’s better to choose `Scan for Networks’.

How to Choose New Smartphone

The cost is comparatively inexpensive when compared with other smartphones. Consider asking her what the ideal smartphone is. Additionally, in addition to the internet there are a number of other advantages that the smartphone is going to have. In general, 6 seems a worthy contender in the current smartphone arena.

Here is a review of the brand new Samsung S7:

Art – What Is It?

Art – What Is It?

Innovation is an important talent that craft artists have to possess so as to create objects which are beautiful and purposeful at the similar time. Scroll down to discover more about this art movement in addition to the artists related to it. art-1011410_960_720From time to time, folk art is simply art…as you’ll see! Make sure to visit my totally free summer clip art and completely free fall clip art lenses prior to going. So to make it simpler to allow them to discover the page, I’ve chosen to utilize the misspelling. The absolute most talented artists didn’t always belong to the very best institutes and didn’t always study art as such.

All ideas we’ll explore later. Consequently, you must get your own priorities straightened out prior to going in for an art career. I have likewise added some craft suggestions to go in addition to the use of these images. Even if that’s the situation, nothing is actually lost because as an easy, charming article of art, Girl With Balloon stands alone.

Check out the next video by Rudy Ernst


understanding abstract art

Understanding abstract art is easy: all it requires is an open mind and a big imagination. When you look at the painting on the left, what do you see?

Swirling shapes, an array of colorful patterns… The path of a flowing river cutting through fields of lush vegetation… or maybe you see pure energy and cosmic flow?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Abstract art is open to interpretation, and that is one of the beautiful things about it. Abstract art doesn’t jump out and declare “THIS is what I’m all about.” Instead, abstract art requires you to have an open, inquiring mind; you must enter the painting and see where it takes you. Abstract art gives you the freedom to explore the artwork and assign your own meaning to the piece. This intensely personal process enriches a viewer’s experience of an artwork.

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Get your bathroom ready for guests

Get your bathroom ready for guests

Some of your loveliest, closest and most beloved friends are now coming over and they plan to spend some more time at your place. Yeah, this time they won’t just have a coffee or a dinner, but will sleep over and you will have to make sure that they will be feeling super comfortable this all time. And this means that you will have to prepare numerous meals and to buy a lot of snacks and beverages. But that is not all. Not at all. You will have to prepare your entire house for their arrival. And if there are some little imperfections, or bigger ones or a bunch of them, such imperfections you are used to and that don’t bother you at all, you will have to cope with them now, as well. This means that they before they arrive, you have to clean your entire house deeply. But then the question is who has so much time to waste? Most probably, you are busy with your challenging job, little kids, endless studies or whatever. And even when you are free and careless,bathroom-1228427_960_720 the last thing you are dreaming of is cleaning. That is right. But there are several things you should take care of at any occasions. And on the top of the must-clean list is indeed the bathroom.

You are now most probably wondering, why this room. What you expected, was the guest room and you were prepared to spend a lot of time making it look absolutely perfect. And that is so natural. But the truth is that your guests expect this room to be in a perfect condition. But a poorly cleaned bathroom may spoil their stay and may leave them totally unsatisfied.

However, the real problem is that in many cases, the cleaning of the bathroom is the most annoying and unpleasant duty of them all. And when guests are about to come, you are even more nervous, constantly wondering what you have to clean and take care of and what not. Should you remove those hard-water stains from the tiles, should you clean the bath tub or the shower, or should you clean them all? There is no explicit answer. Some will advise you to clean those places only, which are most obvious, while other will tell you that skipping even one of the bathroom cleaning tasks will lead to total failure.

For this reason you have two choices. You either find out by yourself what to clean and how. You go to the supermarket and buy cleaning products and tools and then spend a lot of time on your knees perfecting this place.

Or you can trust the professionals. This option will cost you some money, that is for sure, but it will save you efforts and time and energy and in today’s world, aren’t they what indeed matters. So every time you are expecting guests, consider hiring one of the best London’s cleaners. You will be happy at the end, I promise.

You want to be an entrepreneur, but are you aware of these?

You want to be an entrepreneur, but are you aware of these?


There is no school and no person who can teach you how to become an entrepreneur – it is too risky and uncertain, it does not follow a simple way to success, you have to overcome too many little (and some bigger ones as well) failures before you can feel the satisfaction of doing something completely alone and it so enthralling, this damn moment, when you wake up and everything you have dreamed about for so long, is real. But, unfortunately, you have to cope with so many things before. And here is a simple list of things no one ever told me about, things I was not prepared for, but I would love to share with anyone who is brave enough to go out of the comfort zone of having a simple 8-hour-per-day job. Because all these people, enthusiasts and adventurers, a little bit mad, but all into what they believe in, are people worth talking about, people who will change the world.

You don’t have working time, you don’t have a monthly salary

Ok, you are not only aware of this fact, but this was the main reason you wanted not to have a normal job. Yeah, that’s right, but in reality you will have to work more than a lot and you won’t get your payment on one and the same date very month. Having a start-up means that there would be days that you will work for 12 hours, that you will go home, dying for sleep, but then an idea would flash across your mind and you will get up making coffee, filling schedules, drawing sketches and so on. It also means that you won’t have that fixed 2-week holiday in August and sometimes you will prefer spending the money you have at the end of the month, investing in your business and you will be left with your savings only and it will be hard.

You are all alone

Yeah, your friends and family support you, but in the end of the day, when everyone is going to bed and you are still making plans and doing budgets, you are still thinking of how you may improve what you already have, how you can promote it and extend the reach, you are alone. It was your idea, your start-up and sometime you may feel indeed lonely, you may ask yourself: why am I doing this? Why is it so hard? When I am going to be all happy and calm? Forget them. All these question. They’re useless, stupid and pointless. For God sake, find strength and change the world.


The guest blogging which will build your brand and improve the SEO

The guest blogging which will build your brand and improve the SEO

When Matt Cutt stated that guest blogging is dead, he wanted to connect it with a spammy practice, where some companies or businesses wanted to promote themselves and used low quality blogs and poorly written content. This was something like an amateur self-made guest blogging with marketing goals, which was, of course, unsuccessful and logically rejected. But what Matt Cutt also did was generalizing.

He tried to convince the audience that every type of guest blogging used for SEO needs is as spammy as this unprofessionally performed one. And the result was impressive.

Too many people started talking about guest blogging trying (pretty successfully indeed) to prove him wrong. And thus this marketing tactic became even more popular and more wide-spread and you can hardly find a useful and relevant guest blogging nowadays done by unprofessional, which means that this whole thing made people trust someone who is aware of the marketing indeed. And this all can only delight us, because what we run across online is only content of high-quality.

And because this method gains more popularity with the time, the marketing agencies and all the expert teams that offer this kind of service become more specialized and are now doing it better. These days there are some prosperous professionals, which would even write a high-quality article for a guest post instead of you – it would be purposeful and it will be right in your field, it will answer the questions of the audience and will include naturally and lightly the links. And the blogs, oh the blogs, they are so perfectly maintained that have absolutely nothing in common with the awful ones Matt Cutt talks about. They have wonderful technical parameters, beautiful design and even offer the needed social sharing that will not only answer your SEO needs, but will build your brand as well.


Why are men better paid?

Why are men better paid?

I have been doing everything I am expected to do since, well, since I could remember. Our society teaches us to be patient and tenacious, to follow our dreams and to set higher goals, right? And that is exactly what I am doing with my life. I have been studying pretty much, because I wanted to be admitted in a prestige university, where I haven’t slept for ages so that I could graduate with honors. Everything was going right according to the plan – the good girl, who study quietly and achieves wonderful results was now ready to cope with life. I wasn’t afraid of it all, I was brave and ambitious and I believed that I am perfectly prepared to work and to prosper. I found a job I liked and I was even studying for a master’s degree in the same time. I had a boyfriend and a small studio in the center of the city to take care of, we were going to the park at the weekends, we were travelling and chilling and having fun. My life of that moment was everything I have ever dreamed about, and I am not sorry for a single thing then.

With a MBA, I found a better job and I start getting a higher salary, I grew up as well, and the way I think changed, the way I perceive my life, too. So I started asking myself some questions, which the deluded good girl from a couple of years ago, just didn’t notice. I worked hard, really hard indeed, but in fact all the boys among my friends, who are nothing less than me, to be honest, but who are not that greater than me as well, get more money and win a recognition I can only dream of. I stopped for a second and looked around, in the office I work, there are more men than women, we have similar tasks and duties and cope with exactly the same situation and problems in our working everydayness.

And why, the hell, in 21. Century is a man better paid than a woman?

It’s not about the money, you know, I get more than I need and for now it is absolutely enough. But I imagined for a second a parallel universe where I am treated just like my male colleagues, where the equal pay stays for equal work and where I could eat as much chocolate as I want without gaining weight. Yes, this parallel universe is that impossible and this tendency is not a simple phenomenon that can be seen in the industry I work only, it is in Hollywood, too, it is everywhere. And as we are the good girls who do everything we are expected to, we deserve a proper recognition and attention and we live in a modern country in 21. Century, for God sake, how could this still be a question that might concern anybody? In a world turning on money, no matter how unmaterialistic we want to believe we are, we could not stop wondering, why?

The remarkable decay of guest blogging

The remarkable decay of guest blogging

No, it’s not dead, it is so alive that it is turning into one of the most successful and wide-spread marketing tactics ever. The guest blogging is proved to improve the search engine optimization (SEO) and this same SEO is one of the main marketing goals of our generation. So if you are wondering, why a practice, denied by Matt Cutt, a Google’s professional, is so remarkably prosperous, then the easy, expected and simple answer is, because it works. And when something is truly successful and achieves its goal – in this case, extends your reach and makes you, your service or product a lot more popular in the group of people you aimed to, then nothing and no one can kill it, it lives its own life.   More →

The three facts that will instantly convince you that guest blogging is not dead

The three facts that will instantly convince you that guest blogging is not dead

I bet you know that article Matt Cutt wrote and posted, where he claimed that the guest blogging cannot answer your SEO needs, because it is out of date, or differently said it is simply dead. Well, he seemed to be totally wrong and the proofs are numerous. Here are the top 3:

There is no article online without a link

What Cutt found totally unsuccessful were the spammy links and their usage in the guest blogging for SEO. But no matter which website you open, a newspaper’s one, a university’s one or a social media, you will find articles with too many links indeed.

The truth is that if they are inserted lightly and naturally and they lead to content of high-quality, if they are relevant, they can serve your SEO needs flawlessly.

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